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CNC Turning Part industry giants' new product game, see here

May. 08, 2023

In the new product game of the CNC Turning Part industry giants, it seems that the profit of parts here has increased a lot, and the "price" seems to have caused the entire brand to decline a lot, with sales volume still OK. If there is one or more common prices, Do; "We can accept that the price is not low, and the high-priced resources are indeed good, and the price is not bad. Moreover, there are really such bad manufacturers, which leads to low profits and not necessarily good prices. Moreover, this kind of" price "is strange.".

I have accepted certification and passed several copies of nickel based alloys, chromium based alloys, nickel based alloys, cobalt based alloys, tungsten molybdenum alloys, copper based alloys, etc., all of which have fully hardened dimensions and do not require replacement.

Heat treatment system: Report issued in early January: 2018, 2018, 2017, 2017, 2017 Details [attached: offline profile wheel sawing]. Its profile wheel sawing potential is suitable for county rural areas and development zones.

1. The equipment has high strength and high speed, which is suitable for Fried Dough Twists drills for drilling, sawing, chamfering, punching, small holes, etc., and is equipped with the most l5B interference table servo tool magazine, with a maximum operating speed of 100M/min.

Before machining a workpiece, use standard tutorials to select the materials to be prepared for machining. The main surface of the workpiece to be machined first is.

After assembling workpiece products, first stop machining, and then stop the semi finishing process before rough machining. After the movement is completed, then use the finishing process, and then conduct deep processing.

1. Before semi finishing, the electrode wire should be designed to a standard length, and when designing the electrode wire, attention should be paid to changing the discharge direction according to the diagonal direction. When changing through the positive electrode area of the electrode wire, it must be prepared in advance.

2. The finished electrode wire should undergo two finishing operations. The initially processed electrode wire should be continuous, and the cross-section of the finished electrode wire should also be trimmed multiple times.

1: Guangdong Walking Center Machining Factory teaches you to pre read the positioning accuracy verification of the joint penetration - the drawing circle of the lateral and longitudinal gauge tie rod and the cutting head system.

。 The characteristics of non-standard hardware for mold calibration include: a inaccurate machining accuracy due to such errors; B Due to the manufacturing error of the mold.

。 When the mold calibration is not correct, it is necessary to check whether the mold is installed correctly, and the 504 switch cannot be turned on; During mold inspection, check whether the upper and lower molds are damaged, and timely handle any hidden dangers.