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Spring is coming for CNC Turning Part products!

Apr. 14, 2023

Spring is coming for CNC Turning Part products! With the continuous development of the automotive industry, many new products appear around us. New requirements are put forward for the quality of CNC Turning Part. So what do you know about the automotive industry

CNC numerical control lathe is a type of small numerical control lathe that consists of an information system and a machine tool host and is suitable for machining parts. Large numerical control lathe is a motion device that uses digital language programming to control parts and tools. It does not have the network communication function between the machine tool host and the machine tool host, nor does it walk.

Operators are the core of CNC lathe personnel, including programming personnel and workshop on-site personnel.

During CNC turning, due to the production quality of parts, tool quality, tool selection, and reasonable selection of tool alignment points are important.

According to the above two points, they are the input and output of the program for programming purposes. Therefore, the determination of the knife point is very important. Automatic tool change device, more accurate tool setting, can reduce tool change downtime, and obtain more time.

1. Analyze sketches to understand part modeling. The contour and groove are used to represent one by one and meet the design requirements.

4. Draw a sketch to understand the pattern. Automatic tool change device, setting value input, automatic selection of tool change position.

6. Graph line and analog operation, digital graph processing. Automatically convert processing programs, set feed rate, speed, and feed speed, and automatically select processing signals.

8. Equipment Automatic Memory Indexing Disc, Manual Automatic Indexing Disc, Automatic Drilling Machine, Automatic Indexing Disc, Automatic Tool Setting Instrument, Automatic R28-11 13.

3. Indexing plate: When used, the indexing plate is 3 times 360 degrees, and can be arbitrarily adjusted to 0 degrees within the 180 degree range.

The hydraulic indexing head, also known as a braking system, is used to drive the motor of a numerical control lathe to avoid eccentric loads.

The difference between vertical drilling machines and radial drilling machines is that vertical drilling machines are commonly used as machine tools in drilling engineering.

The difference between a vertical drilling machine and a radial drilling machine is that the radial drilling machine is clamped to the rocker arm, which can be rotated day and night, and the distance between the rocker arm and the column can be adjusted,

How deep can vertical drilling machines drill holes? It is recommended that the new radial drilling machine can be quickly and easily opened by simply placing the rocker arm inside the lock< eod>。