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Why CNC milling parts products are popular with consumers

Apr. 14, 2023

Why are CNC milling parts products popular with consumers? Why can't CNC milled parts be produced? In fact, its advantage is to reduce the processing equipment of the workpiece and make the processing meet the technical standards of mechanical equipment. Therefore, it is selected to use the equipment and have experience in processing and manufacturing. These advantages are still very important. These advantages have to be taken too seriously, affecting the mechanical processing of parts products by engraving and milling machines, and affecting their usability is also not optimistic. Of course, when selecting, it is necessary to clarify various indicators before blindly selecting too many parts, such as those that are easy to use. Special attention should be paid to the core parts of the selected engraving and milling machine. For example, we know that many novices have machining experience that is difficult to meet the high requirements of processing requirements. If you add several or several generations together, it is difficult to meet the processing requirements for the core parts of the milling and boring compound machine. For example, if there is deformation of the conduit, shaft, and shaft workpiece, it is necessary to install antifreeze devices to avoid it. Especially for the B value of the workpiece, if the material thickness increases, the R angle should be lower than the perpendicularity by 001mm after processing. At this time, it is generally necessary to make superhard materials to mill out safe sparks. That is the most scratched situation, but the discharge is unstable, requiring improvement in the processing technology. When this situation occurs, it is necessary to replace the conductive groove in a timely manner and process the hard material, which cannot solve the processing problem. In general, the Z axis of the wire pattern distribution at both ends is still 0002mm, which differs by dozens of times from the surface roughness value of the groove processing. It is not easy to crack during inlay welding and is easy to scratch.

In the case of hole machining, when the inlay welding gap is very deep, it is necessary to replace it in a timely manner to strictly prevent the ball from falling, causing danger in machining.

If the machining quantity is small, the inlay welding gap will fall off quickly, and the scratch marks are difficult to disappear.

In the case of welding, the welding position should be away from hole deformation and protrusion, and timely inlay welding should be carried out. The periphery of the weld should undergo annealing treatment and acid pickling passivation treatment.

After tightening the tap, press the weldment tightly. As for how to tighten, it may still not meet the cleaning requirements. Today, I will tell you about the importance of tightening compared to tap tightening.

3. The tap is about to bend along the axis of the tap. After screwing in, the tap starts to bend downward in a reverse direction. Therefore, it is necessary to support the slot shoulder end with a corresponding large circular line upward, so that the next process is the same.

4. Twist of the tap: The amount of twist of the tap will bend up and down in the left rotation of the tap, resulting in a smaller thickness of the bottom hole after tapping.

5. Excessive bending of the corner tap: the interior of the tap, secondary large arcs, secondary, etc. Can be destroyed with a pyramid.

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