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Aug. 28, 2023

3D printed parts. Complex geometric surface treatment combines the years of manufacturing experience of the original manufacturer, especially for structurally complex parts, requiring more early manufacturing experience using 3D printing technology.

4. Create parts using a 3D printer. Complex geometric surface treatments typically have several degrees of difficulty. Such as drilling, etching, carburizing, nitriding, etc. Higher accuracy and smaller surface roughness can be achieved. However, the molding texture always maintains the thick and shallow texture of the raw material, and there is no significant increase in texture after polishing, resulting in lower cost effectiveness.

The injection molding process is suitable for a single type of product. It can not only be processed by injection molding, but also be molded. Not only are they transparent and non interchangeable plastic parts, they can also be molded. In addition, injection molding processes can also use different polymer materials (such as PPU, ABS, and so on) for processing.

For example, injection molds and finished product injection molding machines are suitable for injection or melt or injection molding. If a plastic part is connected to an injection molding machine, it can also be molded into a bonded cavity during the molding process, and then bonded to each other.

Different injection molding processes can also vary with the temperature of the material. It is possible to adjust the same material from different temperatures to a standard high temperature, and then bond it into a uniform and dense plastic product. The commonly used temperature control system method for such plastic molding machines is to conduct high temperature conduction through a precision temperature control system, and conduct high performance maximum temperature heating to determine the supersaturation of plastic or metal lined plastic.

·The inner hole wall bolt and nut feeder of the injection molding machine fan is lack of oil, and the gear is noisy. The exhaust valve should be removed and replaced with a new oil valve. After the gear is replaced with new oil or rusted, the gear or gear can be cleaned for the pump oil supply. Replace with new oil.

·The internal mechanical structure of the reducer features simple transmission and output screw nuts, smooth movement, and no impact. Compact structure, no noise. No fever. Low noise, severe, low failure rate

Precision square pipe joint, double sided hexagonal welding structure, round steel elbow, rotary head stainless steel ferrule.

CNC lathe head, automatic tool changer, milling cutter head, pneumatic components for tool magazine, vacuum circuit breaker, and magnetic circuit components.

On the first day of New Year's Day 2018, 2220 sets of intelligent packaging machines were packed and shipped. Complete machine packing and warehousing

Applications in various industries can be expanded. An intelligent warehousing function can be added for each user. With the development of automation technology, intelligent small components have become a large enterprise platform.

The current day is off duty. With the intelligent development of parts, the developed module application has become the largest product

In many cases, CNC shafts are driven by servo motors, including not only stepper motor drives, but also spindle drives. Servo drives are used between the spindle and the spindle of the cutting machine tool, enabling the mechanical part of the machine tool to achieve a certain degree of integration

The impact of industrial automation on CNC systems is very significant, coupled with the advent of such systems, there is certainly a bad reason, if we can control the software screen into.

CNC machine tool is the abbreviation of digital control machine tool, which is an automatic machine tool equipped with a program control system.