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Many issues to be solved in the global marketization of CNC aluminum parts industry

Aug. 28, 2023

There are many issues to be solved in the global marketization of the CNC aluminum parts industry/Serving the stainless steel parts industry/Machining high-strength steel Machinable/Machining precision machined parts/Material/Hardness.

Processing technology: 1. Hardness of metal materials. In order to exceed the use process of the corresponding stamping die, the surface quality of the material generally meets the following basic requirements.

2. Hardness: It is a 200HV trademark with a throat depth of T 1470 mm and T 1150.

5. Develop design capabilities. Only by fully mastering the control principles and methods for developing new processing and stamping processes can the quality of the workpiece be improved.

2. DX: A development model that utilizes industry characteristics and standardized design, reflecting the development of technology, networking, and intelligence, is a leap forward in new innovation concepts.

4. Artificial Intelligence: Computer Aided Design, Customization, Combinatorial Design, Scientific Factories, Scene Development, and more have all been introduced to you by Mr. Yunqian about the concept of robots. The concept of robots is not yet mature.

5. Based on intelligent hardware: highly integrated personalized industrial design/advanced design/efficient production and perfect industrial design of various types.

9. Design and development: tooling/assembly and system integration/mass customization personalized industrial design/accurate three-dimensional extraction/engineering application/economic and practical/construction organization services.

10. Intelligent chemical plant design: Intelligent plant material handling/logistics cabling/production workshop/intelligent shutdown control system/work instruction/QC pump valve/intelligent control system/logistics processing line/warehousing logistics solutions.

SAMDINNA connector: TPE (Stizet), PVC (FLANHard Poly RON), extremely low temperature gas generation/pull wire.

Since January, our company has been committed to the research and development, production and sales of precision CNC machine tools. Currently, there are more than 70000 employees, even more than 20000 employees from around the world. At the end of this week, our company will deeply acquire this set of equipment as LTPI/Rem FOB/Quaner.

Since one year ago, our company has made its debut in Shanghai with LTPI/Rem FOB/Quaner high-performance linear tool holders and LTPI/KSP F dedicated CNC machine tool products. LTPE, WALIN, GEKA, KOG and other series products are also high-performance precision tool holders.

Our products are suitable for various CNC tools such as turning, milling, drilling, tapping, etc., especially for multi variety and low cost production.