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Knowledge of 18 CNC Turning Part, come and learn!

Aug. 30, 2023

1. Generally, CNC Turning Part have metal properties and are highly flexible and complex shaped parts that are less expensive and easy to operate. The smallest parts with complex shapes meet most customer parts varieties and can meet various tolerance standards.

2. Complex machined parts with shapes and positions: including rotating parts and various angle components; The rotating parts include a bobbin clamp and a shift fork; Closed parts and various assemblies; Axially aligned parts and rotating parts; Cam structure and corresponding parts.

3. Moulded hole folding processing parts (including connection and riveting) Parts: Cam shaped parts: Bolt hole protrusions should have returned to the basic framework of the original technology or process manufacturing. In order to meet higher performance requirements, there can also be a large number of axial bearing plate processing, such as various machining.

;  The torque capacity of various motor shafts is very high, so the motor processing is non-standard customized CNC lathe parts in Wuhan.

The analysis of data from querying used motors indicates that the equipment has a certain loss of materials to be processed, but the gap is small and cannot be processed, so it is prone to industrial accidents.

The equipment is generally responsible for fully automatic or semi-automatic work, and some automata can replace it, or entrust a punch machine, or a dual or multiple head machine to perform the work. Most of the costs are adjusted by the machine itself, which is obviously more valuable. Most components are composed of servo motors, error guidance and control systems, and precision detection systems.

The equipment that meets the quality requirements includes high-performance equipment and CNC equipment. To produce high-quality products, it is necessary to distinguish between accuracy and speed, such as ball screws. At the same time, the wear of tools and measuring tools will increase additional costs.

Clockwise direction: 1. First, determine the size of the hole, and the point value is the hole. The upper shallow and section width ratio is also 02. For mass production, there is also a certain amount of chips and debris!

When there is a template, two identical "V" type cutting machines can achieve very good results if the length of the workpiece being cut is larger than their own parameters!

Therefore, please master the method of cutting 40mm thick steel plate material in advance. An effective method is to reduce the cutting time to a small point!

Fully automatic aluminum cutting machine, CNC pipe bending machine, pipe cutting machine, double head chamfering machine, automatic feeding machine, CNC hydraulic pipe bending machine, etc.

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3D coordinate machining; Precision grinding machines, tapping machines, injection molding machines, polishing machines, screw molding machines, etc.

41550, 4464 international special optics, special precision machining technology, high-precision continuous cutting technology, special plasma cutting, water jet cutting technology;

The 43 air separation mechanism small energy cutting machine is specially designed to process plates with a thickness of 12~20mm (the equipment can be equipped with 30 production lines), a special processing length of 2200mm (width: 3850mm), and is equipped with four TI-1180mm vacuum carbon absorption cutting machines.

How much is a common multi shaft linkage drilling machine? This is a modern technology, a more professional drilling machine manufacturing technology, can completely exit the drilling machine to achieve multiple component drilling, so that when a large product appears, through a reciprocating drill, you can easily deal with the entire work.