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Understanding the Dangerous Transportation of CNC Turning Part

Aug. 28, 2023

Read and understand the hazardous transportation and assembly of CNC Turning Part on the Istone linear operating platform. Continue to read the grid instructions: Maintain the insulation layer between the test pieces for the laser power supply, photoelectric instruments, signal indicators, and corresponding buttons of the line.

Course settings: (1) Check whether the contestants are on-site: all feeders are used for installation in a certain shift; If it is an operator: first, it is a technician, including axle sleeves, gauge rods, etc. running on a lathe; (2) The sweeper shall have both sides of the scraper disc and motor disc for all feeders. As long as it is high frequency and for working cleaning, it is necessary to have the cutter head and broach head inverted on the gauge;

CNC lathes can be used for both rough and finish machining. In order to avoid deformation, it is required to process parts with accurate dimensions, and it is necessary to use ordinary machine tools to process workpieces with large surface roughness, leaving a smooth surface for processing. In the case of fine machining, the workpiece with a large surface roughness that is rare from the processing data should have the best quality of the processing surface, while the workpiece with a large thickness of the processing data should have the best quality of the processing surface.

Using fine turning skills was a sentence taught at that time: "If we want to engage in the processing of fine mechanical parts, it is like grasping our own goals.".

Application requirements: Specialized talents who can be employed in chemical and pharmaceutical industries and engage in laws and regulations. We have our own research and development team, and can organize course designs based on our own specific circumstances.

Advantages: The company has its own design team, which can be organized according to its own needs, and our company can carry out its own design based on its own curriculum goals. The model design master is individual.

Currently, quotations are mainly based on product reimbursement, and some product reimbursement is still increasing. Some product peers have also seen some price big data, such as our metal sheet metal stamping parts.

Our current quotation standard is to quote products based on each customer's product, such as "automotive interior components, metal materials," and so on.

When we use a metal laser cutting machine to make product quotations, we will have a certain assessment of the accuracy and process of the product. When making product quotations, we must strictly comply with pricing standards and conduct reasonable cost control on the product. The price of each product is different. Therefore, when making product quotations, it is necessary to ensure that the functions and effects of the product are not affected, and when making product quotations based on the laser cutting machine, "There are very good options, and of course, the quotation has not reached the ideal level. However, it is worth mentioning that our country has also reduced the cost of plasma cutting machines by half, which is the factory of BYD. Moreover, we cannot say that this link is very important for us, because now that society has developed into a century, the types of cutting machines produced have changed a few times, and it is impossible to replace them.". Basically, it is replaced by a cold machine or an oil pressure machine, which truly achieves the principle of efficiency and accuracy, but the real cost is more than 1 million yuan.