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plastic cnc milling service,CNC Milling Part.CNC milling is used for making complex shapes, tight tolerances, and intricate details. It can also be used to create precision parts, such as gears, sprockets, and cams. CNC Milling Part The process is well-su


Excellent plastic cnc milling machining part service

Part material:Telflon (PETT)

Machining type:CNC milling,Screw tapping

Surface: polishing to get rid of cutter mark


Export to Poland

Helo client to do assembly test

No matter sampling order or bulk order we will tak care of the work

Factory made good price

Product Details

We always pay high attention to details like good surface no scratch,dent ,packing well no damage during shipping

Rich experience engineer team,we has project engineer to follow tight for each step

Salesman offer quick communication

Quality promise: if our clieng received negative parts we will make good ones to replace also freight paid by us

Material machining capacity for plastic: PP,ABS,POM,PET,PTEE,PA6/PAA+GF...